is a global research centre designed for the advancement of the Learning Sciences.



SLATE's Mission

 is to advance the frontiers of the sciences of learning and technology through integrated research.

SLATE's Core Values

GOALS for the first 5 years:


  • Generate empirical data that can advance and transform educational practice, in the broadest sense at the intersection of learners, technology, and pedagogy.

  • Ensure that research addresses all facets of human learning throughout a lifetime; including learning in the workplace, and during leisure time.

  • Inform the use of data analytics approaches in education by understanding the impact of learning analysis on learners, teachers, institutions, and society.

  • Apply computational approaches such as data mining, learning analytics, machine learning algorithms, predictive modelling, and data visualisations as a lens to better inform learning, teaching, and assessment in both educational and workplace settings.

  • Advance our understanding of emergent technologies, new work patterns, and future learning pathways of “next gen” learners in order to better prepare them for a world where content is pervasive, dynamic, and continuously accessible across multiple channels and devices.

Did you know? 

'Slates' and tablets have served as educational tools dating back all the way to the sumarians. Throughout history, technological advancements have changed the conditions for human learning.