Cumulative Knowledge from the field of Assessment for Learning (AfL)

Since the classic Black and Wiliam (1999) "Inside the Black Box" article, a wealth of research has been conducted on various aspects of assessment for learning (AfL) and it has influenced educational policy and practice worldwide. 

However, the field has not produced cumulative knowledge from this research. 


Baird et al. (2013) showed that hundreds of empirical articles had been published, but were scattered over almost as many journal titles. 


A mapping of the assessment for learning research is needed. One aspect of this relevant for SLATE is to see how e-assessment fits into the picture, in this review captured as “Technology enhanced formative assessment”.

Link to this research project site at the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment (OUCEA)

Aug.2016 - Aug. 2017
Funded by SLATE / Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Education
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Project Leader
Astrid Tolo
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