Case study at the University of Bergen (BD-CS)

BD-CS: The development of the big data platform for educational data will be used for educational data related to UiB. This will be done in close collaboration with all relevant instances at UiB.


The project will ingest UiB educational data and will carry out learning analytics research on that base. Possible collaboration with FutureLearn and FutureLearn partners, who provide the MOOC platform for UiB, will be investigated.


In the second half of the project, services for the different stakeholders administration, teachers, learners) will be established. These will provide data access through web-based graphical user interfaces, in the limits of what the laws of privacy, ethics, etc. permit.

Project website: BD-CS

June 2016 - June 2021
Funded by SLATE
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Project Leader
Eirik Thorsnes
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