National Dugnad: Goals, Guidelines & Policy (BD-ND)

BD-ND aims to initiate a broad national discussion about essential questions related to Big Data, Learning Analytics, and Educational Data Mining, their role in the educational system, and

pedagogical, philosophical, ethical, juridical and cultural issues related to big data in education. 


The effort will be organised and lead by SLATE, but will requires close collaboration (e.g., meetings, workshops, etc.) between national stakeholders  (e.g., Ministry of Education, Education Directorate, IKT Norge, IKT-Senteret, KS, Rectors, Teachers, Researchers, etc.).


The aim is to develop a national research and innovation agenda on Big Data in Education for the future.

Project website: BD-NS

June 2016 - June 2021
Funded by SLATE
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Project Leader
Eirik Thorsnes
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