Cluster 2  

BIG and SMALL DATA in Education

Co-leader Cluster 2
Weiqin Chen
Co-Leader Cluster 2
Barbara Wasson
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BIG and SMALL DATA in Education addresses the role of big and small data sets, at all levels of education. Initially, SLATE initiates three projects, a Big Data e-Infrastructure for Educational Data, and an internal research project on Big Data in higher education at the University of Bergen, and Mapping the possibilities and challenges for LA in Norway. SLATE will also lead a national “dugnad” (i.e., a national collaboration involving relevant stakeholders) that brings together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from academia, industry, the educational sector, and government, to critically reflect over the production of data, and use of data analysis on large and small educational data sets, in the Norwegian context. Technical (collecting, storing, analysing), pedagogical (application), philosophical, cultural, juridical, and ethical issues will be addressed, resulting in a national research and innovation agenda for the future.