Learning Analytics (Late) Summer Institute

September 28-29, 2017


Learning Analytics (Late) Summer Institute

September 28-29, 2017

Hosted by: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) 

University of Bergen, Norway

CALL for Data


This is a call for the community to get involved by participating in and contributing to a data sprint. A data sprint is a teacher & researcher-crowd-sourced data collection of a range of examples of different types of data and data tools (sorted in relation to educational levels) used in  Nordic education.




  • create an open dataset to use for further exploration

  • show different analytic interpretations/tools such as SNA, Tableau


The data could show, for example, used by whom, on who`s initiative, for what purpose, for what educational greater good, who think it works, who owns the data, who archive the data to be used for what and for how long, in the Nordic educational systems.


Collecting of data will have a deadline, thereafter the collections should be visualized by voluntary experts,  in a few different interactive visualizations presenting the data from different perspectives. Furthermore, the visualizations should be public beforehand, so they can anchor the discussions and community-building ... and maybe thereby visualizing different truths.



Participants in the data sprint do not require prior background in learning analytics or qualitative or quantitative analytics techniques. The hands-on session in the data-analytic software session will be at a basic level as it is the aim of this workshop to give newcomers to data-analytic software an opportunity to get a feeling of what it is about. 



18 August 2017

Send your proposal to xxx.