Learning Analytics (Late) Summer Institute

September 28-29, 2017


Learning Analytics (Late) Summer Institute

September 28-29, 2017

Hosted by: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) 

University of Bergen, Norway

Day one  aims to give researchers and interested parties access to LA workshops to learn from experts in the field, and an opportunity to present their own research during a poster session. 


Part 1 of the day includes a choice of three hands-on workshops that enable participants to take a dive into topics around learning analytics and learn from experts.


Part 2 of the day invites participation in a Poster & Demo Session (with firehose introductions) aimed at getting a flavour of Nordic LA research and learning anaytics products.



All three workshops are hands-on with different cases with data that participants will work with. No experience is required.


W1. Learning Design, Analytics, Ethics (Tore Hoel)

  •     Understanding ethics and privacy in the context of Learning Analytics

  •     Strategies for local, national, and international policies

  •     Ethical Designing for education


W2. Communication and Learning Analytics (Ulla Ringtved)

  •     Working with different data to design educational activities

  •     Looking at existing sources of data

  •     Data literacy for stakeholders

  •     Visualization Strategies

  •     How to make sense of the data we already have from institutions

  •     Excel, Python, and Rstudio


W3. Multimodal Learning Analytics (Daniel Spikol)

  •     Researching and Working with Multimodal Learning Analytics

  •     Designing research and educational interventions

  •     Hands-on Strategies for working with the Data

  •     Python


Poster & Demo Session

In order to get an overview and flavour of Nordic LA research and Learning Analytics products we invite you to present your on-going (and completed) LA projects or your LA product in this interactive session. Each poster will be presented in a 1 minute firehose session. Register your poster/demo.