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SLATE is a cross-Faculty research centre at the University of Bergen (UiB). Students in Master programmes at any UiB Faculty with research projects dealing with topics that fall under SLATE’s mandate may apply to be a SLATE Master student.


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Gry Leirgulen Nagel  31.1.2017

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Information Science and Media Studies

Supervisor: Barbara Wasson

Use of Eye Tracking for eSports Analytics in a MOBA Game 



Eye tracking refers to using the movement of the eye to determine where the user is looking (Zhang, 2008). This thesis will look at the use of eye tracking within a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA) and investigate its utility in analyzing gameplay. An application has been developed to gather eye tracking data, and by employing data source triangulation this data is used together with replays and statistics to understand gameplay. Findings reveal that eye tracking can add value, but it is time consuming to use a manual triangulation method of analysis, in particular using the video replay. Furthermore, while the research finds that the data from the eye tracking application is interesting and potentially useful, it is necessary to carry out more experiments with more players and more games to find its full potential.