SLATE Research Clusters  

Leader: Astrid Tolo



Research activity in Cluster 1 builds on our previous and on-going research on assessment for learning, and its implementation in the educational sector.


Assessment Innovation for Learning carries out research on learning analysis to support assessment, and on its implementation in education. It will build on our on-going/previous research on assessment in technology and information rich environments (that generate a rich diversity of numerical, textual, and semantic data) using data-driven exploratory methodologies.


Researchers working in Cluster 1 will be studying:

  • student learning, use of data, formative assessment

  • teachers use of student data to improve student and own learning

  • systemic level implementation


Theme1:  Assessment for Learning, Pedagogical Practice, and Technology

Theme 2: Formative Assessment Practices and Implementation in Education


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Research activity in Cluster 2 will be initiating new research in the emerging field of big (and small) data in education. It will address the role of big and small data sets, at all levels of education. 


Initially, 3 projects are planned. The third of these involves SLATE leading a national “dugnad” that will bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders  from academia, industry, the educational sector, and government. Together they will critically reflect over the production of data, and use of data analysis on large and small educational data sets, in the Norwegian context. Issues such as technical (collecting, storing, analysing), pedagogical (application), philosophical, cultural, juridical, and ethical issues will be addressed.



Project 1:  Big Data e-Infrastructure for Educational Data

Project 2:  Case study at the University of Bergen

Project 3:  National dugnad


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Leader: Ingunn Ness



Cluster 3 will be engage an interdisciplinary assemblage of researchers from across UiB. Together they will work in a creative knowledge process to identify research ideas that can lead to highly innovative, interdisciplinary proposals that will further our understanding of how technology has changed the conditions for learning.


Innovating Research Futures, aims to harness and integrate knowledge across multiple disciplines at the University of Bergen to create a common groundwork for investigation, conceptualisation, experimentation, and explanation that will be anchored in new lines of thinking and inquiry, and which will lead towards a deeper understanding of learning and the role of technology in education. 


Engaging interdisciplinary working groups in thinking together in a creative knowledge process about the many dimensions of learning, learners, technology, and education, will result in ideas and challenges to solve, which, in turn, will require highly innovative and creative research, with new methods and paradigms.


It is the incubation of concrete projects that will create interdisciplinary research to further our understanding of how technology has changed the conditions for learning, and will establish SLATE as an international contributor to the learning sciences. 


Project 1: Creative Knowledge Processes: Facilitating creativity, innovation, and idea development  


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