Using Process Data for Instructional Design

February 3, 2017



Using Process Data for Instructional Design: Research and Applications



Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer

School of Health Professions Education,

Maastricht University



13:15 - 14:30, 20 February 2017

SLATE, Vektergården, Christiesgate 13, 3rd Floor



All are welcome!




SLATE is very lucky to have been able to host Professor Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer as a guest researcher for 4 months. Van Merriënboer is an international expert in Instructional Design known for his 4-component instructional design model (4C/ID) and his work combining this with cognitive load theory (CLT). During his stay in Bergen he has also been frequently invited to speak about his work at various health and medical faculties and related national meetings across Norway.


At SLATE, van Merriënboer has been working with researchers involved in the iComPAss project, a FINNUT project funded by the Research Council of Norway. The project’s main objective is to carry out state-of-the art Learning Sciences research on how best to support data-driven decision-making for individual learners, teachers/instructors, and management/leadership through competence mapping and visualisation of student learning data, and to evaluate its impact. The project was a response to needs expressed by two professional educational institutions about raising the quality of their education and training programmes.


Maastricht University is a partner in the iComPAss project and van Merrienboer's first visit was when he joined a project workshop in Bergen, January 2016, and was able to discuss the role of 4C/ID model and its implications for open learner models, visualization, and student assessment. Van Merriënboer had collaborated previously with partners at UiB, Uni Research Health and ENOVATE AS in the EU project ADAPT-IT. His research visit aimed to expand this promising line of research and to continue to expand and develop new agile software tools based on 4C/ID and ADAPT-IT.


Van Merrienboer will be a Professor II at SLATE after his sabbatical is over - we look forward to further collaborations with him!



Prof. Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer (1959) was trained as an experimental psychologist at the VU University Amsterdam and he obtained his PhD from the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands. He is now full professor of Learning and Instruction at Maastricht University and Research Director of the School of Health Professions Education. His research focuses on the design of education, mainly based on his four-component instructional design (4C/ID) model, and the design of digital media, mainly based on cognitive load theory (CLT). Currently, most of his educational research takes place in the health professions domain. He received numerous awards for his research, such as an Outstanding Book-of-the-Year Award for his book Training Complex Cognitive Skills, the International Contributions Award of the Assocation for Educational Communications and Technology, and the Award for World Leader in Educational Technology of Training Magazine. He published over 300 articles and book chapters and his books Training Complex Cognitive Skills and Ten Steps to Complex Learning have been translated in Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch. More than 35 PhD projects were completed under his supervision. His 4C/ID model is taught in educational science programs around the world and a growing number of educational institutions is using it to design their education.




4-component instructional design (4C/ID) model

Used to:

  • analyze professional compentencies

  • build instructional blueprints for competence-based educational programs

Has 4 interrelated components:

(1) learning tasks (e.g., worked-out examples, completion tasks, conventional problems etc.),

(2) supportive information,

(3) procedural information, and

(4) part-task practice.




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