Morten Misfeldt, Benjamin Brink Allsopp & Jonas Meldgaard Dreyøe

In this workshop we will show different tools for conducting relational and network based analysis, to address educational problems.


These tools include:

  • Network Analysis Tools (such as epistemic network analysis ENA - see Shaffer 2017)

  • Arc Form (see Allsorpp et al.).


In the workshop we will also show examples of relational reasoning analysis, and we will provide data and tools to support that we all take first steps towards conducting analysis with these tools. Bring computer, pen and paper.

Tools include:


  • Arch Form,  a structured form of mind maps that can be used to visualise complex structural relationships. It is developed in the thesis (Allsorpp 2013), and has, for instance, been used for organisational analysis (Tamborg 2017).



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Workshop 1:

Relational and Network based tools for learning and teaching analytics